Jingchu Luo

Jingchu Luo


Jingchu Luo is a professor at the College for Life Sciences, Peking University. He is the China node manager of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet). He spent one and half year at the University of Maryland as a visiting scholar in 1987-1989, and carried out part time collaborative research at the Cancer Research UK during 1991-1999. Together with the Late Professor Xiaocheng Gu, he started the Center for Bioinformatics (CBI) at Peking University in 1997. His main research focus is comparative plant genomics, tran1111ional regulation in plants, development of bioinformatics platforms and construction of bioinformatics databases. He is the editorial member of BMC Bioinformatics and Briefings of Bioinformatics. He was invited to give lectures at dozens international and domestic bioinformatics conferences, and is a program committee member of several international bioinformatics conferences. He has been running the Applied Bioinformatics Course (ABC) and organized several international and national workshops and training courses during the past 15 years. [Chinese]


Development of the genome browse framework- ABrowse

Development of the rice genome database - RiceMap

Development of the bioinformatics platform - WebLab

Development of the Database of Plant Tran1111ion Factors - PlantTFDB

Development of the Database of Plant Leave Senescence - LSD

Investigation of genome duplication in plants

Investigation of the origion and evolution of seed related genes

Investigation of the zebrafish genome DNA methylation

Selected Publications (Full list collected in PubMed)

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