Hong Qu

Hong Qu


Degrees, Qualifications

9/1993-9/1996 Eng.D. in Applied Chemistry. Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R.China

9/1990-7/1993 M.S. in Physical Chemistry. Jilin University, P.R.China

9/1986-7/1990 B.S. in Organic Chemistry. Liaoning University, P.R.China

Working Experience

Teaching undergraduate course on Biology Statistics and Computational Basis et al.

11/1998-present Associate professor, Peking University, P.R.China

10/1996-10/1998 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, P.R.China

Research Interests

Bioinformatic methods and applications in proteomics

Computer simulation analysis of macromolecule structures and functions

Computational Chemistry