Jinpu Jin

On Oct 22, 2009

Graduate Student

Center for Bioinformatics

Life Science College

Peking University


E-mail: jinjp@mail.cbi.pku.edu.cn


Room 305

Wang-Kezhen Building

Peking University

Beijing, P. R. China,


Degrees, Qualifications:

Bioinformatics Ph.D., Peking University, 2008-2014

Bioinformatics B.S. , Hebei University, 2003-2007


The origin and evolution of long-noncoding RNAs

The architecture and evolution of Arabidopsis transcription regulational network

The identification and annotation and plant transcription factors

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  • Hu B, Jin J, Guo A, Zhang H, Luo J, Gao G. GSDS 2.0: an upgraded gene feature visualization server. Bioinformatics. (2015) 31 (8): 1296-1297
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