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Gene Expression Regulation

PlantTFDB -- Plant Transcription Factor Database new!
DATF -- Database of Arabidopsis Transcription Factors
DRTF -- The Database of Rice Transcription Factors
DPTF -- Database of Poplar Transcription Factors new!
NATsDB -- Natural antisense transcripts database new!
KOBAS -- KEGG Orthology Annotation System
CEAS -- Cis-regulatory Element Annotation System
GBA -- EST-based gene expression profiling and analysis platform
TiProD -- Tissue-Specific Promoter Database
RStGEP -- Organ-specific expression profiling of early development of rice stamen
DEPD -- The Differentially Expressed Protein Database

Bioinformatics Infrastructure

WebLab -- Your lab on the web new!
ABCGrid -- Application of Bioinformatics Computing Grid new!
BioLand -- BioLand Linux Project

Genome Analysis and Comparison

ColinearScan -- Dynamic programming for colinearity analysis of genomes new!
CVTree -- Composition Vector Tree constructs phylogeny trees
PGAAS -- prokaryotic genome assembly assistant system
PSMY -- Potential Synergy mapping of Yeast Genes

Protein Families of Biomedical Signification

SynDB -- Synapse DataBase new!
SPD -- Secreted Protein database
PAK -- Proteome Annotation Knowledgebase
PNDIS -- Protein Neurtoxins Database Inquiry System new!


RDV -- The database about Rice dwarf phytoreovirus
RDFolder -- Prediction of RNA secondary structure
Loops -- The database about protein loop classification
Domains -- The database about Protein Domain
GSDS -- Gene Structure Display Server

Databases installed in the CBI SRS system

Some databases in SRS7 can be viewed in the SRS system


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